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The Learning Curve

Running a small business is a constant learning curve and over the last year I have learned the value of really embracing this aspect and taking the opportunity to learn from great teachers whenever possible. Over the last few months I have been taking an online photograph course with the aim of improving our product images.  I know we can send these out and get amazing results but I actually love taking photographs and was really keen to learn more and have greater control over this vital part of the business.  I signed up for Lyndsey James' Photocraft  course a few months ago and I am taking the modular version which means working though things slowly at my own pace...

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My Favourite Product

Asking a designer which of their products they like best is a bit like asking a parent to name their favourite child (obviously I always name the child who is asking me the question ;) In truth my favourite products are often the newest ones.  Launching a new product takes so much time.  From original idea and drawing to the first mock ups, perfecting the pattern, researching the market, getting feedback, photographing, styling, writing copy.  It is quite an involved process and then you set it free out into the world and await anxiously.  Constantly refreshing the various sales channels, fingers crossed for that first sale and desperately hoping it will fly. Sometimes it doesn't take off and your heart...

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Thoughts on business blogging

I'm not crazy about business related blogs, they feel a bit salesy and whilst I am certainly in the business of selling, I'm not really comfortable shouting it at you.  So I'm going to blog in the only way I know how and that means linking you here to my existing personal blog.  As a small business my everyday life and Handmade at Poshyarns are intricately intwined.  If you care to read you will find navel gazing, pretty pictures and a whole mix of musings on family life, knitting, sewing, baking and the odd bit of business thrown in now and again.    

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Hello and Welcome

    We have been selling our lovely things on-line through a variety of websites for several years and we are really excited to be adding our own dedicated shop platform to the list.  We are still in the process of adding items to the pages so if you have seen something elsewhere please do not hesitate to drop us a line and we will do our best to help.  We will soon have our entire range available and over time we hope to add exclusive items too. As this is a brand new venture we would really welcome any feedback you may wish to offer.  Be gentle but honest, we are open to advice. Thanks so much for popping...

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