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The Fisherman's journal

I'm really excited about a new fabric I've started working with.  Normally I stick to linen and Liberty of London tana lawn cotton but my heart has recently been stolen by this gorgeous waxed cotton fabric.  Also know as oilcloth it is a fabric many of you will be familiar with as an outdoors coat or jacket. It's wonderfully soft but sturdy and I love its capacity to be both elegant and utilitarian all at once.  So actually not so very different to the Posharns trademark linen.  At the moment we have two gorgeous covered notebooks.  This 'Hooked by' journal is perfect for fishermen or perhaps just someone who wants to keep list of contacts! Watch out for more waxed...

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My Favourite Product

Asking a designer which of their products they like best is a bit like asking a parent to name their favourite child (obviously I always name the child who is asking me the question ;) In truth my favourite products are often the newest ones.  Launching a new product takes so much time.  From original idea and drawing to the first mock ups, perfecting the pattern, researching the market, getting feedback, photographing, styling, writing copy.  It is quite an involved process and then you set it free out into the world and await anxiously.  Constantly refreshing the various sales channels, fingers crossed for that first sale and desperately hoping it will fly. Sometimes it doesn't take off and your heart...

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