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Romance and Love

Our Valentine's Day department is now open which has me thinking about modern romance and love.  I realise the traditional idea of Valentine's Day is not for everyone.  I love the modern take on Galentines and the idea of just celebrating love and letting the people close to you know that they are loved.

Mr L is a great one for the grand gesture and in the past I have come down to hundreds of candles lighting my way to the kitchen.  Another year it was thousands of silk rose petals (they took quite some sweeping up).  Then there was the year he bought hundreds of Love Heart Sweets and made them into giant patterns on the table.  Another years he printed out hundreds of our photographs (possibly my favourite and a good reminder that great as digital images are, there is quite something about holding the printed photograph in your hand). 

As you can imagine it's hard to compete with such splendid romantic gestures but I do usually try to make him something, a handmade card, knitted socks or his favourite Rock Buns. 

My all time very favourite product is our Personalised Linen Love Note.  It makes me so happy to embroider messages of love and kindness, sometimes they are very funny and sometimes they just plain make me well up.  I think the fact that people have to really pause and think about the message they would like embroidered is what makes them so very special. 

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