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My Favourite Product

Asking a designer which of their products they like best is a bit like asking a parent to name their favourite child (obviously I always name the child who is asking me the question ;)

In truth my favourite products are often the newest ones.  Launching a new product takes so much time.  From original idea and drawing to the first mock ups, perfecting the pattern, researching the market, getting feedback, photographing, styling, writing copy.  It is quite an involved process and then you set it free out into the world and await anxiously.  Constantly refreshing the various sales channels, fingers crossed for that first sale and desperately hoping it will fly.

Sometimes it doesn't take off and your heart breaks a little.


Other times you might have an instant success but maybe down the road you come to realise you didn't think it through enough. Production is not so smooth and even begin to resent that product.  Hopefully you can iron out those issues and thank you lucky stars that you have hit.

Our Personalised Love Note was a little like that.  I had to rethink the thing a little way down the road, it was worth the trouble though because it remained one of my very favourite products until I gave it a a little rework.  A fresh new  lilac linen with my beloved Purple Poppy and Daisy Liberty of London print lining and a rather elegant twist on a tattoo style love heart.  




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